Shukto Masala 50g


Shukto is one of Bengal’s most traditional and authentic dishes. The Shukto Masala in many households is a family-owned well kept secret. Pansari Shukto Masala gives you the authentic perfect blend that uses original and natural ingredients to help relish this delicious dish.This Shukto Masala brings out the true and authentic taste, flavour, aroma and colour of the Bengali quintessential, Shukto.The intricate blend of the particular ingredients brings that typical Bengali taste and the required light touch. The Shukto Masala represents the authentic delicacy of the dish to its fullest without the hassle of making the masala from scratch. It is affordable and hygienically packed without any adulterants or added colorings.Get the taste of home with Pansari Shukto Masala.

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